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Oct 14, 2012 "Great Dental Office! I was looking for a dentist close to my home. I googled dentists who took my insurance and I stumbled upon A & R who have been so helpful and informative. The office is clean and the staff is nice. I personally have no pain after any procedure. I'm in and out. Anyone who goes here will not be disappointed."
Thomasinee, Garerville

Oct 14, 2012 "Service with a smile:-) thnx"

Oct 10, 2012 "Good experience! Dr. Izmailov was very professional. My root canal work was nearly completely painless and he has a light touch with anything that would be excessively painful with any other dentist. He makes the experience like a pleasant dream rather than those nightmare dentist encounters. In other words--it was a very good experience and i have never had a better dentist."
Cecilel, Pearl River

Oct 7, 2012 "Fearful of the Dentist until..... No one could have told me that going to the dentist office would be an experience to never forget. In fact I remover all the experiences but Dr. Roman Izmailov makes it a good memory. Until now, at age 35, I had feared that 6 month checkup. I heard the same things, "you need to floss more" "you may have cavities". This year was my first time with Dr. Roman Izmailov and I was fearful because I heard the same. EXCEPT, I heard it with explanation and it was taken care of. First and hopefully my last root canal along with a few cavities was taken care of and I can say it was a good experience. Dr. Roman Izmailov educated me letting me know each step of the way as the procedures took place. Thank you for changing my dentist experience after years from childhood of fearing seeing a dentist. I am happy to say see you in six months."
Peta G, Stony Point

Oct 3, 2012 "The staff are very friendly and the hygienist and the dentist are very professional."
Homamr, Pomona

Sep 28, 2012 "Dr. Izmailov the best DENTIST! Dr. Izmailov is Simply the best dentist in town. He is Extremely Honest, Attentive, Patient, and cares for his patients.The office staff is very friendly. The office itself is very clean and has friendly, warm and inviting environment. If you looking for a doctor you can trust, I highly recommend him. I'm always showing off my smile now, THANKS to Dr. Izmailov"

Sep 28, 2012 "Dr. Roman Izmailov is a real PRO! I have only been treated here by Dr. Roman Izmailov and I feel great about his skills and professionalism. His staff are very professional and friendly. I would recommend anyone to become a patient here."

Sep 28, 2012 "Great dentist!!! Great service good job highly recommended!!!"