Pediatric Dental Services in Brooklyn

Child’s First Visit

Our goal is to set a child up for a lifetime of good dental care and a healthy smile. The best time to bring a child in for their first dental visit is actually within 6 months of the eruption of the first baby tooth or by 1 year of age in order to prevent dental problems and examine the oral cavity. Baby teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay from the first appearance in the mouth and studies show that children who waited to see the dentist until 2-3 years of age had more preventable emergencies and restorative needs costing parents 40% more in dental costs over the first 5 years of life.

We know that being a parent can be stressful and we are here to put you at ease and arm you with information on how to keep your child’s smile shining. The first visit is a great time to start desensitizing your child to the dental office by making the visit a fun and interactive experience with our gentle doctors. We evaluate not only the teeth and mouth, but also proper facial development as well as help set up healthy habits at home. We recommend bringing a comfort object for the child like a stuffed animal and always welcome parents to join in during the exam so that we can make the visit relaxing and fun.

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Preventative Care

Would you believe us if we told you it is possible to prevent dental decay and toothaches? Tooth decay is the most chronic disease of childhood, yet it is completely preventable. That is why it is important to visit us when the child is healthy during regular check ups and cleanings so that we can prevent disease before it can start!

Why are baby teeth important you might ask since they ‘will fall out anyway’? Parents are surprised to learn that some baby teeth will actually stay in the mouth until the child is 12 years or older. Baby teeth also serve many functions for children including chewing to foster good nutrition, aiding speech development, helping permanent teeth and the jaw develop properly by space maintenance, and aiding a child’s self confidence when they have a healthy smile. Children who have poor oral health tend to miss school and receive lower grades than their counterparts due to pain and infection. Additionally, undetected tooth decay can lead to larger infections, damage to permanent teeth and expensive emergency and restorative treatments.

By having regular check ups we can prevent or detect cavities before they have a chance to cause pain and give peace of mind for parents. We also complete a thorough cleaning and remove buildup that a child or parent may have difficulty removing with a regular toothbrush at home, provide fluoride treatments to protect against decay, and teach children how to take care of their teeth in a fun and interactive environment.

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