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Pediatric Dentist vs. Family Dentist: Which Is Best for Your Children?

If you’re looking for a dentist for your little one, you may wonder why you can’t just bring them to your own dentist. After all, a family dentist treats the whole family, right? While it’s true that many dentists in Brooklyn treat patients of all ages, it’s a good idea for children to see a pediatric dentist. Here’s why.

Pediatric Dentists Have Advanced Training

All dentists graduate from dental school with a DDS or DMD degree, but pediatric dentists go on to receive two to three additional years of training and education that focuses on providing dental care to children and patients with special needs. Children have unique needs when it comes to their dental health, and the extensive training pediatric dentists receive means they’re better equipped to deal with these issues.

Dr. Liza Idelchik graduated at the top two percent of her class at NYU with an honor in Pediatric Dentistry. She completed her residency at Columbia Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she treated medically complex and special needs children in collaboration with Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. After her residency, Dr. Idelchik pursued further education in treating tongue and lip ties.

Pediatric Dentists Enjoy Working With Children

Even if a dentist treats patients of all ages, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are comfortable doing so. Pediatric dentists love working with children—that’s why they’ve chosen this career path for themselves! A friendly, caring, and empathetic dentist can make all the difference in the world when a child is nervous about a treatment or procedure.

Pediatric Dentists Have Extensive Experience

A family dentist may see a handful of pediatric patients each week, while a pediatric dentist treats several children a day. Because pediatric dental care is the focus of their practice, they have more experience and a deeper understanding of children’s oral health needs. You can feel confident knowing that your child’s dentist has the knowledge and skill to provide the best possible treatment.

Pediatric Dentists Offer Specialized Care

A pediatric dentist offers services and treatments not offered by family dentists. At A&R Advanced Dental Group, Dr. Idelchik provides frenectomies using advanced soft tissue lasers and liquid no-drill cavity treatment to make appointments more comfortable and stress-free for her patients. Our office also offers pediatric sedation dentistry to help children relax during their visits.

Why Choose A&R Advanced Dental Group

Even with all of the advantages of bringing your child to a pediatric dentist, there’s one downside—it’s easier to have your family go to a single dental practice for their dental care. 

At A&R Advanced Dental Group, you don’t have to choose between a family dentist and a pediatric dentist because you’ll get both. You can see one of our general dentists for your own dental care, and your child can see our pediatric dentist, Dr. Idelchik. Your whole family will be able to get the care they need all under one roof.

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