How Much Is Teeth Whitening in Rockland County, NY?

How Much Is Teeth Whitening in Rockland County, NY?

Delivering a much brighter, whiter smile in less than an hour, professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments in New York. Better yet, teeth whitening in Rockland County is affordable, often less than $1000. For patients who’d like to pay for whiter teeth over time, CareCredit may be used for all cosmetic dental treatments.

Teeth Whitening: Reasons People Love It

Teeth whitening is popular for three main reasons. It is the fastest way to upgrade your smile, with a typical whitening treatment lasting less than one hour.  Teeth whitening is also suitable for most patients. As a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment, teeth whitening doesn’t even require local anesthetic so it’s an extremely safe cosmetic procedure. Thirdly, teeth whitening is very effective. In-office teeth whitening provided by your dentist may lighten your teeth up to six shades with a single treatment.

Teeth whitening also provides the benefit of long-lasting results, thanks to a touch-up kit that you can use at home to extend results. You may also repeat whitening, in keeping with your dentist’s recommendation. Results may be extended by limiting consumption of known stain-causing foods and beverages including coffee, red wine, tea, and brightly colored and dark colored sauces. Practicing excellent oral hygiene, including brushing twice daily, flossing daily, and receiving regular dental cleanings twice a year can also help keep your smile looking bright and white.

Patients who aim to live a more sustainable life will also find that Sinsational Smile teeth whitening is the first teeth whitening system to achieve eco-friendly certification.

Alternatives to Teeth Whitening

Although teeth whitening is an excellent, fast, affordable cosmetic dental treatment that is suitable for most people, it’s not suitable for all people. Teeth whitening will not lighten any dental restorations. So, if you have fillings or crowns on any of the visible teeth at the front of your mouth, teeth whitening isn’t the best option.

Patients with extremely sensitive teeth may find that some whitening systems increase tooth sensitivity. The Sinsational Smile system is gentler than other whitening treatments, with more than 98% of patients reporting that the treatment did not cause or enhance sensitivity.

However, there are plenty of alternatives if whitening isn’t right for you. Cosmetic dental bonding is a great option, particularly if you have stains on just a few teeth. Bonding can also be used to fill small gaps, lengthen short teeth, or reshape chipped teeth.

 Dental crowns can be used in a cosmetic capacity to cover gray or brown-stained teeth. Dental crowns can be made onsite, and sometimes even placed during a single appointment.

Dental veneers are another excellent option for brightening your small. Dental veneers use thin porcelain shells to cover your natural teeth, brightening your smile by many shades. Dental veneers are extremely popular among celebrities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have an exam before getting my teeth whitened?

You will have to be examined to ensure you are free of active gum disease and infection before whitening your teeth. In some cases, the dentist may recommend you treat existing cavities before whitening your teeth.

How long will teeth whitening results last?

Every person has unique lifestyle habits, including eating or drinking stain-causing foods and beverages. Those who drink coffee, wine, and tea may need to repeat teeth whitening sooner than those who do not. Most patients find results will last 3-6 months.

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