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4 Tips for a More Photogenic Smile

The modern world is obsessed with selfies and casual photos, but many people dislike the way they look in photos. Many of these concerns are focused on the smile. While celebrities know how to create a media-worthy smile at the drop of a hat, the average person may feel hopeless. Fortunately, following a few simple tips can give you a Hollywood smile every time.

1. Pay Attention to Your Lipstick

The shade of lipstick you choose can have a dramatic impact on the perceived color of your teeth in pictures. Choose a darker tone with pink or blue undertones to brighten teeth that are stained or yellow. Lipstick that is very intense tends to reproduce strangely in photos, and it will highlight any imperfections in your smile.

2. Keep It Natural

Those who don’t smile for a living often tense up for photos. A face-crinkling grin can make your face look unnaturally scrunched, while a wide, fake smile often looks like a grimace. Instead, focus on happy memories and allow your face to fall into a gentle, dreamy, relaxed smile in which your mouth is slightly open and your lower lip follows the curve of your teeth. This alluring smile will make you look irresistible.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Everyone has highly individualized features, and your best angles are likely different from those of your best friend. Toss your hair and play with different poses in front of the mirror, and then snap a few selfies. You look different in the mirror than in photographs, so be sure to test out your favorite poses in front of the camera.

4. Consider a Smile Makeover

If you have healthy teeth with cosmetic imperfections, a smile makeover can create the best possible version of your natural smile You and your dentist will look through photos of smiles you like, discuss your goals and expectations, and then use photos and X-rays to design your new smile. Keep in mind that your goal should be the perfect smile for you, not an abstract “perfect smile,” which would likely look fake. We will take into account your coloring, your features, and even hair to design a smile that is uniquely “you.”

You might need several treatments, such as Invisalign followed by veneers, or capping two teeth and whitening the rest to match. We will ensure that each tooth blends harmoniously with the others to ensure a balanced smile.

Using digital design equipment, we will first create a digital model of your new smile and tweak it until you are satisfied. We will then create a wax mockup for you to try on. This allows us to make any desired cosmetic changes, and to ensure that your new smile is functional as well as beautiful. We will not begin work until everything is satisfactory to us and to you.

Actors, models, and other professional smilers are great at looking good in photographs. For most people, though, it does not come naturally. Fortunately, depending on your teeth, it may be as easy as changing your lip color and practicing your smile. If your teeth are in poor shape, a smile makeover may be the best choice. Either way, there is no reason you can’t love the way you look in photos!

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