How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

Professional teeth whitening may keep your teeth several shades whiter for a year or longer. For others, results may only last a few months. Fortunately, there are small lifestyle modifications you can make,  to keep your teeth bright and white long after professional teeth whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening: What to Expect

Teeth whitening is the most requested cosmetic dental treatment. Providing noticeable, immediate results at an affordable price, teeth whitening from the dentist is an easy way to upgrade your smile. 

Teeth whitening systems such as Sinsational Smile take less than 30 minutes to lighten your teeth up to five shades. The process is very quick, painless, and effective. Here’s what to expect:

  • Comfortable, flexible silicon trays filled with a whitening agent will be placed on the teeth
  • An LED accelerating light will be pointed at the teeth for 20 minutes
  • The trays will be removed and you’ll have a brighter, more vibrant smile
  • Before you leave, you’ll receive a touch-up maintenance pen 

Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White 

To maintain the results of your professional teeth whitening, follow these tips:

  • Use a straw for teeth-staining beverages (soda, tea, coffee, wine, bright juice)
  • If you don’t use a straw, rinse your mouth with water after drinking dark-colored beverages
  • Limit sugary beverages, snacks, desserts
  • Use a whitening toothpaste
  • Consider limiting red and dark brown sauces (pasta sauce, gravy)
  • See your dentist for regular cleanings every six months
  • Brush twice daily for a full two minutes
  • Floss or use a water flosser daily
  • Use the Sinsational touch-up pen as needed

How Sinsational Smile Teeth Differs from Other In-Office Whitening Treatments

Sinsational Smile is a fast, very affordable professional-grade teeth whitening treatment. Instead of taking one hour to complete, treatment is a mere 20 minutes.  Sinsational Smile is also the first whitening system to earn the Eco-Dentistry Association’s eco-friendly certification. 

It is well-suited for those with sensitive teeth because Sinsational Smile uses a whitening agent with 25% carbamide peroxide rather than hydrogen peroxide. Because it is a gentle whitening treatment, it can safely be used after a dental cleaning or other dental work. 

Get Whiter Teeth in 20 Minutes in Pomona or Brooklyn, NY

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much whiter will professional whitening make my teeth?

Sinsational Smile teeth whitening provided by A & R Advanced Dental is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to five shades. Individual results will vary based on the degree of staining of the teeth.

I have sensitive teeth, can I still whiten my teeth?

Absolutely.  At A & R Advanced Dental, we specifically chose to offer Sinsational Smile teeth whitening because it is suitable for those with sensitive teeth. It is also less likely to cause sensitivity after treatment.