two preschool kids in a dental exam room for their first exam with Dr. Liza Idelchik

How Often Should a Child Go to the Dentist?

Brooklyn is a fantastic place to raise children, with beautiful parks, cultural activities, and terrific schools. We’ve loved seeing more families move into the neighborhood because it always brightens our day when we have the opportunity to treat our youngest patients. If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Brooklyn, we’ve answered some questions you might have about our services below.

How often should my child see the dentist?

Just like adults, children should see their dentist every six months for comprehensive oral evaluations and dental cleanings. This isn’t just our recommendation, but also the recommendation of the American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Preventative care isn’t just important for keeping teeth and gums healthy, it also helps your child become more familiar with our office, our team, and the steps involved in dental check-ups.

When should my child start seeing the dentist?

The best time to bring a child in for their first dental visit is actually within 6 months of the eruption of the first baby tooth or by 1 year of age in order to prevent dental problems and examine the mouth. These early visits allow us to not only ensure that their teeth are coming in as they should, but allows us to also check growth and development. This also gives you the opportunity to ask us questions and learn more about caring for your little one’s oral health.

Do you have a pediatric dentist on staff?

Yes, Dr. Liza Idelchik is a pediatric dentist. While many general dental practices offer pediatric dental care in Brooklyn, most do not have a specialist on their team! Dr. Idelchik received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from NYU College of Dentistry with an honor in Pediatric Dentistry. She then completed a residency program at the prestigious Columbia Medical Center/New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she specialized in treating medically complex children and children with special needs. She has won numerous awards in her field and is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

Is there a pediatric dentist in Brooklyn that offers no-drill cavity treatment?

Yes, A&R Advanced Dental Group is proud to offer no-drill cavity treatment for our pediatric patients. Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a wonderful and non-invasive option to stop cavities from progressing. It also allows us to delay the need for a filling while we build trust with a child and get them comfortable. Children who have special needs or dental anxiety greatly benefit from this treatment.

What other pediatric dental services does A&R Advanced Dental Group offer?

We offer a complete range of pediatric dental services, including dental sealants, BPA-free composite (white) fillings, baby root canals, pediatric dental crowns, sports mouthguards, and early interceptive orthodontic treatment. Our office has a soft tissue laser for trauma-free frenectomies (tongue, lip and cheek ties) and we also provide nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, for patients who need some help relaxing during their appointments with us.

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